With Easter right around the corner, many of us are gearing up to color some hard boiled eggs!

What used to be your standard set of colors when I was a child has evolved to a wide variety of kits offering up everything from neon colors to glitter covered eggs. But if you REALLY want to up your game this year, try some of these options instead!

1). Rubber Band Eggs

It’s as easy as it sounds; wrap small thin rubber bands around your hard boiled egg prior to dunking in the coloring solution. This creates a neat and even striped effect around the whole egg! Try different methods for different color patterns.

  • Dye the egg a lighter color prior to adding the rubber bands
  • Place half the egg at a time in different colors
  • Use lots of rubber bands for an extreme effect

2). Temporary Tattoos

If you want an easy way to allow your children to add their favorite characters to their Easter eggs, just grab up some temporary tattoos! Use a plain egg or a fully dried dyed one and apply the tattoo the same way you would on skin.

3). Splatter Eggs

Looking to bring out the modern artist within? Try Splatter Eggs!

Begin by placing your eggs on a covered surface. Wet a paint brush and wipe off excess water, then dip the brush in your desired non-toxic paint color and flick the bristles with your fingers over the eggs creating a splatter effect. Repeat with different colors and allow the paint to dry, then flip the eggs and repeat.

4). Paper Doileys

Want to make your eggs look extra elegant this Easter? Take a paper doiley (you can usually find them with the cake making supplies) and tape it tightly around the egg then dunk in your favorite color.

Wait until the egg is completely dry to avoid drippings then slowly peel away the paper to reveal a gorgeous pattern!

5). Rice

Yup! You heard me right; rice.

Who knew it was good for more than eating and fixing cell phones!

Using rice is a far easier way to create a unique combination of colors that’s far less messy than the cool whip or shaving cream method. All you do is soak your eggs in whatever color(s) you choose, then while they’re still fairly wet, place them in a plastic baggy filled with rice and shake it up!

The process creates a fun speckled effect that can look similar to tie-dye when multiple colors are used!