Customer engagement is important to your business. It helps to have a fantastic customer relationship. This “holiday” is observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, – April, July, October).

Here are some ways to get to know your customers:

  • Host an event – You can speak to them directly and share experiences.
  • Connect on Social Media – Everyone today has some platform of social media. Social Media is the quickest way to get your business out there! If you are on Instagram use hashtags and videos to engage. Use email and live chat options.
  • Talk to your customers about their needs – That way you can focus on what deals, discounts, and incentives will help your business.
  • Haven’t heard from a customer in a while? – Call or email them, find out if there is something that may have gone wrong and see how it could be fixed. Customer engagement is important.
  • Check into the Analytics – Google, Instagram and Facebook all can give you a demographic, age group, and what time your sites are frequently visited. This is important when it comes to connecting with your customers.
  • Team up with local companies – Is there a local restaurant that can cater your event? This gives you and the restaurant both a good engagement.
  • Join local Facebook groups – Someone’s new to the area? Why not suggest a great neighborhood.