Best Gourmet Kitchen Home Plans

Gourmet kitchen design is one of the most important projects in building your new home. The kitchen is the hub for family and social activity where nourishment and creativity occur. Plus, a well designed kitchen can have a large impact on a home’s re-sale value.

As part of the new construction process, our designer will guide and inspire you to create your dream kitchen. During your personal design sessions, you will receive expert direction on layout, appliances, cabinets, counters and plenty of available upgrades.

How Will You Use Your New Kitchen?

Experts say that a new construction kitchen or remodel should last 10 years. Ask yourself if it’s for cooking, entertaining or is it all about family? Let’s explore three types of kitchen designs.

The Family-Focused Kitchen

Consider your daily life and needs of your family:

  • What size is your family?
  • How old are your children now?
  • What is each person’s role in meal preparation?
  • Does the kitchen double as a homework and office space?

An easy-access pantry and refrigerator loaded with fresh produce is important for healthy meal and snack choices. An open floor plan helps parents watch children while prepping meals and also is wonderful for hosting a family gathering.

The Entertaining Kitchen

If you frequently entertain family and friends, the kitchen is often the center of social activity. Some things to discuss with our kitchen designer:

  • How many guests do you typically entertain?
  • Do you cook often or use a caterer for parties?
  • How many cooks are in the kitchen at the same time?
  • Do you serve buffet-style or plate the food and deliver to the dining room?

When it comes to entertaining, a layout that promotes interaction between guests and the hosts who are doing the food prep is what counts. In addition, an island is perfect for congregating and storage.

Stainless steel appliances are a beautiful look for this kitchen type, although they need not be professional grade. And, a warming drawer is great addition, keeping food warm and moist while you prepare other dishes.

The Gourmet Kitchen

Whether you call yourself a foodie or a culinary artist, your kitchen features professional grade performance and efficiency.

Here are some points to consider:

  • How often do you cook and what dishes do you prepare most often?
  • What type of cookware do you use most often?
  • How many guests do you typically host?
  • What food supplies do you keep on hand?
  • Is socializing important while cooking?

Performance matters when it comes to gourmet kitchen appliances and the seasoned cook enjoys control over fuel source and cooking temperature. Many prefer gas style ranges or induction cooktops that heat up quickly and provide direct heat from the source to the pan.

The gourmet kitchen layout should be efficient in design, offering the cook easy access to important ingredients, utensils and cookware. An overhead rack for pots and pans is a handy feature while plenty of counter space is essential.

Your Dream Kitchen, Your Way

These are a few things you will discuss during your personal kitchen design sessions. With a room as important as the kitchen, you can bet that however you like to use that space, we’ll invest the time to be sure we get it right.

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