Whether you’re single or a large family, everyone can appreciate the benefits of a spacious Laundry Room.

Anyone who has ever had to struggle with laundry inside of a claustrophobic space knows how incredibly frustrating it is. Not only is it difficult to move around, but maneuvering within a tight space carrying a cumbersome and overflowing laundry basket is a recipe for frustration.

At Heritage Custom Builders, we realize the important of providing the proper layout for this essential location in our homes.

We pride ourselves in understanding that not only do future homeowners want space to freely move around, hang their laundry to dry, and store laundry baskets, they want aesthetic as well.

Which is why our rooms are painted, tile floor is laid and trim is incorporated to the buyer’s specifications in order to maintain beauty and cohesion between every room.

Another favorite detail in our laundry rooms is the Utility Sink. Whether you’re filling up a mop buckets, pre-soaking clothes in bleach, or need to wash an item you’d prefer not to cleanse in your kitchen sink, a utility sink is a wonderfully versatile cleaning tool.

With our large assortment of layouts, we’re also able to place your laundry room in a location convenient for you! Whether that’s on the first floor (if your Master bedroom is located downstairs as well) or on the second story along with the majority of bedroom, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your desires.