Combining utility and aesthetic is a talent Heritage Custom Builders has nearly perfected over the years. Understanding how to make a home beautiful while accommodating the constantly changing needs of those who dwell within requires in-depth planning and careful amounts of consideration.

Which is why every room is meticulously considered before being given the final approval. Even down to the most mundane spots in a home like a pantry.

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of any home. After all it’s where families gather to prepare food, eat and socialize. Thus the room in which your materials are stored is just as important.

Our walk-in pantries are designed to allow homeowners plenty of space to not only walk within the space, but also comfortably look around and reach items without fear of creating an avalanche of other items in the process.

The shelves were designed to give homeowners a logical layout of items they’d wish to store; avoiding awkward and space-wasting areas that would go unused.

In addition, all our shelves are made from high quality material and supports that won’t restrict you from heavier items such as cans and/or condiments.

Down to the smallest details you be assured that your pantry will be easily navigable and allow for versatile storage.

  • No sharp Edges

  • Bright centrally located lights

  • Equal spacing between shelves

  • Flooring and baseboards continued within