couple getting married deciding homeowner essentials to add to wedding registry

When a couple gets married, they often create a wedding registry of wish list items that they would like or need for their home. Many household stores around the area and online stores have the option for couples to create a wedding registry full of things that will make being a homeowner much easier. Whether it’s a new cooking gadget, a decorative plate set, or a new vacuum cleaner, here are a few homeowner essentials to add to your wedding registry. 

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools can make great gifts for couples to receive off their wedding registry. Popular items include vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, a mop and broom set, and an iron. Check out these popular homeowner essentials. 

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Storage Options

As a homeowner, you can never have enough storage options for your home. Storage options can include hampers, totes, shelving, and storage containers for food or Tupperware. Here are some of our favorites to add to your registry. 

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Small Appliances

There are quite a few smaller appliances that you should add to your list of homeowner essentials when creating your wedding registry. Items like toasters, blenders, air fryers, mixers, and slow cookers are popular items amongst most new homeowners getting married. 

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Kitchen Gadgets

There are also smaller kitchen gadgets and tools that make prepping and cooking much easier. Some of the top trending homeowner essentials are can openers, electric wine openers, and kitchen knife sets. Check out these picks to add to your own wedding registry. 

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There are quite a few household linens that should be on your wedding registry. Bath towels, bathmats, dish towels, and bedding are all popular household essentials that many couples choose to ask for. Here are a few other ideas to add to your list. 

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Home Cash Funds

Another emerging trend in the world of wedding registries is adding home cash funds that people can donate to instead of buying a gift. Couples choose to add these funds rather than homeowner essentials, so that they can use the money to complete home improvement projects, save up for a new home, or create a maintenance fund for their home. 

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