modern large walk-in organized bedroom closet

Have you ever been trying to get ready for work in the morning and realize you can’t find anything you want to wear? Having an organized bedroom closet makes all the difference. Whether you have a tiny closet with limited space to work with or a huge walk-in closet, organization is key to make it fully functional for your needs. Not sure where to start? Here’s our Homeowner’s guide to an organized bedroom closet. 

Start with a Blank Slate

With any home project, it’s best to always start with a clean slate. Gather all your clothes and other belongings from your closet and move it somewhere else for the time being. This will allow you to see your closet in its entirety so you can envision the best organized bedroom closet as possible. 

Keep, Donate, or Throw Away

Before getting started on the bedroom closet, it’s time to do some recon on your wardrobe. Go through your clothing and accessories one by one and toss them into three different piles. One pile should be for clothing you would like to keep, one for clothes that you plan on donating, and the last pile should be to throw away. Once you create these three piles you will know how much clothing you are working with in the “keep” pile, to be making a spot for in your closet. 


When creating an organized bedroom closet, it’s important to group your belongings into categories. For example, you can organize clothing based on what season you wear them in, the type of clothing (pants, sweaters, jackets, etc.), or simply organize them by how often you wear them. 

Color Coordinate

Another tip for creating an organized bedroom closet is to color coordinate within your clothing. This way when you are planning out an outfit, you can reach for a specific color and know where it is located right away. This eliminates you having to rummage through all your clothes, creating a mess within your closet. 

Drawers and Storage

Installing drawers, or buying standalone storage options, is a great way to create an organized bedroom closet. Drawers and other storage options create a way to store clothing and other items away from the visible eye. This allows you to store more in a smaller space without it looking disorganized.  


Trying to find the right clothing item in your closet is already hard enough without having limited lighting to help you see. Proper closet lighting is necessary for not only functional reasons, but also to create a certain aesthetic. Make sure to at least have one overhead light that you can turn to help you see better. If you have a larger closet, you can always look into standing lamps or, table top lamps for an end table, or even a fancier chandelier to create a glamorous aesthetic for the room. 

Matching Hangers

Something that is not necessary but can help you to achieve a more organized bedroom closet, is having matching hangers for your clothes. This allows your clothing to look neat and tidy and sometimes allows the hangers to slide easier on the rack if they are all the same material. 


Having a mirror in your bedroom closet is a fantastic idea. If you have a larger walk-in closetyou can have more flexibility in choosing a mirror size and style. If you have a smaller closet, try hanging a mirror on the back or front of the door to have easy access when trying on clothes. 


To help create the best organized bedroom closetlook into closet accessories to help you stay organized. One accessory you could try is specialty clothing hangers, such as the ones with multiple bars or clips to organize similar types of clothing. You could also look into purchasing other accessories like shoe racks, belt and scarves organizers, and jewelry storage. The possibilities are endless, especially if you have a lot of space to work with.