August is like the Sunday of summer. Back to school and cooler weather lingers right around the corner. Halloween décor and candy has made its way into stores, back to school sales are happening and the buzz of harvest season is upon us. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy summer! Here are some end of summer ideas to do before the leaves start falling. 

  1. Drive-in movies 

    In many areas drive-in theaters probably have limited capacity but enjoying a final summer night out may be worth getting there early to wait in line! This nostalgic idea may be making a comeback in our current world. Harder to find in big cities you may need to venture to smaller towns to enjoy. Remember to bring your own popcorn, soda and snacks as well!  

  2. Neighborhood ice cream spot 

    Take the time to visit a seasonal vendor. Many ice cream stands and trucks do not operate after Labor Day. Although some seasonal stands operate well into October, there’s nothing like savoring the cool treat while it’s still hot out.   

  3. Visiting lakes and beaches 

    End of summer is a great time to jump in the water. In most parts of the US the water is warmer than it is in early summer, so late August to early September is a great time to take a dip. Just be aware many public water fronts are lower capacity and require face masks to use restrooms. 

    Visiting a lake can also be more affordable than visiting a beach by the ocean. Lake area towns can have a more small-town feel to them as well, making a day trip or full weeks’ vacation even more enjoyable!   

  4. Make summer drinks

    Sipping on a freshly squeezed lemonade or a chilled watermelon martini on the deck or beach can help soak up the final days of summer. Try making new recipes using fresh berries from the garden or local farm. Here are some ideas for summer drinks to try before the weather gets chilly.  

  5. Hold a bonfire 

    Although this idea can go well into the fall, getting one last summer bonfire in at home or on the beach with friends is a hot way to celebrate the end of the season. Whether it’s you and your partner, the whole family or your gang of friends, a bonfire is a great way to make smores, have a drink or just enjoy final summer nights under the stars.