It’s a sobering time for the world we live in. As the Coronavirus pandemic itself – along with the many unknowns surrounding it – incites fear and panic globally, we’re left unsure of what to do next.

While many individuals have resorted to stockpiling food, water and other necessities (of which 50 bottles of hand sanitizer and a hundred rolls of toiler paper doesn’t count), the rest of us are seeking more logical alternatives on how to keep ourselves and our family safe.

So, what safety precautions actually DO help, according to government agencies, peer reviewed studies, and actual medical professionals?

Well for one, essential oils, wipes or gels comprised of less than 60% alcohol, and “organic alcohol free” disinfectants are out. Sorry.

It’s important to state right off the bat that nothing is ever going to completely rid your hands, your home or any other surface of microbes 100%. Every step we take is simply to minimize the quantity that is present. The only products EXPECTED to be effective against the virus are those stamped with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims, such as those used in hospitals; not the ones from Walmart.

And for all of you out there who swiped every hand sanitizer in existence off the shelves, there’s some unfortunate news: nothing works better than simply washing your hands.

That’s right, folks. That activity we should be doing on a daily basis anyway is the best way to prevent the spread of microbes during this outbreak.

Keep in mind that the CDC’s guidelines for sanitization are primarily based on caring for someone who MIGHT be (or is) infected. The rest is to minimize the number of microbes present and prevent secondary infections.

Unfortunately, the CDC is fairly certain that Coronavirus is an air-borne virus, which means all that sanitizer won’t do much to prevent you from becoming exposed/infected. But if slathering yourself with 90% alcohol every five seconds makes you feel better, than by all means. Go for it.

For the rest of us, try these methods instead.

1). Stay Away From Crowded Places (Even if They’re Outside)

2). Wash Your Hands Frequently for 20 Seconds

What’s 20 seconds? Well, since counting to twenty is tough, sing the ABC song twice!

Then again why sing kiddie songs when you could really spice it up with these instead!

  • “Livin’ On a Prayer,” by Bon Jovi
  • “No Scrubs,” by TLC
  • “Love Shack” by The B-52’s

And if you’re too darn young for those songs, there’s always “Truth Hurts,” by Lizzo for you young whippersnappers out there.

3). Wipe Down Surfaces and Commonly Touched Items

You know, doorknobs, handrails, toilet handles…your co-worker’s lunch container that you took a bite from.

4). Don’t Sneeze, Cough, Clear Your Throat or Blow Your Nose in Public

Not only are these sure-fire ways to spread contaminants but they’re also guaranteed to make your coworkers scream and bolt for the exits…or get yourself sprayed in the face with Lysol.

5). Keep Your Germs at Home

Whether you’re experiencing Coronavirus symptoms or simply those of the common cold, do everyone a favor and contain your toxins. Some of us have baseball season approaching. Stay home, Karen.

6). Share Your Hoarded Supplies

Even in a quarantine situation 100 rolls of toilet paper and 50 bottles of soap/sanitizer/Clorox wipes/tissues/napkins (ouch?) aren’t really necessary; unless you’re a Duggar.

All joking aside, we truly hope you all remain healthy and safe throughout these uncertain time.

From financial hardships, struggling with school closures, event cancellations and the threat of possible quarantine looming over us, it’s more important than ever to keep our sense of humor, stay positive and support one another in our communities.