A fairly unknown choice for new construction or renovations are Neolith Counter-tops, which were first developed in Spain only a few years ago.

Similar to Quartz counter-tops, Neolith counter-tops are created by combining natural and recycled material to form the slab. The biggest difference is that Neolith doesn’t utilize polymers to bind the material, such as in the case of Quartz.

Instead, Neolith counter-tops are created using a process known as sintering. This method heats the assortment of material to extremely high temperatures until they liquefy, then cool as one solid piece. The end result is an extremely durable, non-porous slab that is scratch, stain and heat resistant.

The most unique factor, however is that Neolith is also UV resistant, meaning that it won’t fade as the years go by.

Neolith counter-tops come with a standard 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and are available in an impressive variety of patterns and colors; which mimic the natural look of wood, quartz, metal, marble and more!