The ground is frozen and snow showers are forecast through the next several weeks so why not use this time to start researching that home you’ve always dreamed about?

To start, let’s discuss one of the biggest decisions homeowners face as they pursue the journey of new construction; the debate between selecting a home within a future community or buying a plot of land from a private seller.

Here are some of the top reasons why selecting a home in a community is the smartest option!

1). Location

There are many factors that can influence a homeowner’s decision when it comes to building a home, but none are as important as location.

A decision that is also an important decision for the builder, as well. After all, they don’t want to invest money in an undesirable area in which their homes won’t sell!

As such, communities are usually located within carefully selected areas that will provide access to good schools and safe neighborhoods. In addition, builders also consider proximity to conveniences and a variety of other amenities for members of the community to enjoy.

Because people are all vastly unique, its very common to see builders offering a variety of communities designed to suit the needs and desires of an assortment of potential clients. Some may be located in more rural locations on larger plots of land for those looking for a more private setting to enjoy, whereas others may feature homes on smaller plots of land that require less maintenance.

2) Utilities

Some of the more common elements many people tend to forget are access to utilities. One of the largest benefit that comes along with building through a reputable contractor inside of a community are connections to public sewer and water. Having these utilities included in your home package saves you a considerable amount of time (and money!). For example, simply running tests to see if that property you’re interested in even has access to water or passes a percolation test for a septic system can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition, everything from paved driveways, access roads, electricity and internet lines are all handled by the contractor in charge of the community so you only have to worry about designing your home!

3). Topography

If you’ve ever been in the search for a piece of land then you’ve surely learned that there’s a lot of things that can go wrong.

Unfortunately, many parcels of land are not well surveyed with clearly defined boundaries. Furthermore, even less come with a building proposal where the town has already agreed upon a home location and approved the site.

These issues leave the unknowing buyer with a multitude of questions; many of which can only be answered through expensive tests.

One of the most expensive issues buyers can face is with their foundation. Estimates typically range upwards of 10-15k for a typical basement. But if builders encounter rock or (even worse) solid bedrock, this process could easily double or triple that estimate!

4). Landscaping

There’s no denying that new construction almost always lacks when it comes to natural aesthetic in terms of mature foliage. After all, older neighborhoods where trees and bushes have had a decade or more to flourish have a clear advantage. However, regardless of building in a community or on a separate plot of land, demolishing natural foliage is a necessity in order to allow access for building.

In the past, new communities were notorious for building as many houses as they could fit and planting one tiny tree in the front yard; leaving the location looking barren and cookie-cutter.

Modern communities developed by reputable contractors are much different. Many offer various landscaping packages which offer homeowners the option of staying simple and modest to adding a variety of trees, bushes and even rock features and perennials.

Builders have come to understand the more varied and appealing their communities are the more successful they are in the long run! This provides a win-win for both contractor and homeowner!

Of course these are merely a few of the benefits provided by working with an experienced contractor and their community of homes.

At Heritage Custom Builders we have three gorgeous communities that have been designed with a wide variety of lifestyles and preferences in mind; and we’re always looking to the future!

From budgets of all sizes, plots of lands in a wide variety and a huge assortment of gorgeous models to choose from, we have you covered from that first phone call.

So if you’re considering building a home in 2020 simply give us a call, ten minutes of your time and let us show you the difference building with us can make!