Gardening Tools for Prepping Your Home Garden for Spring

Are you a garden enthusiast? Or looking to start a new hobby in the gardening world? Either way, late Winter to early Spring is the perfect time to start prepping your home garden for Spring. This time of year, is when you should be organizing tools, planning what you want to plant, and preparing your soil for the crops. In order to have a successful garden of flowers or vegetables this year, here are some tips for prepping your home garden for spring. 

Organize Your Gardening Tools & Supplies

Whether you keep your gardening tools in the shed, garage, or in storage somewhere, it’s time to find them and make them available. Most likely, they have been pushed aside over the last few months for more important items like shovels and snowblowers for the winter season. Now is the perfect time to reorganize the area where your gardening tools are housed to make them more accessible to you in the pike of gardening season. If you are new to gardening this year, now is also the perfect time to go out and buy the essential gardening tools for beginners. 

Assorted Gardening Tools Next to Shed

Clear Out Weeds

Weeds are the silent killer of successful flower and vegetable crops. When Spring begins, weeds typically start popping up faster than you can remove them. It’s important to get to weeds before they start growing to decrease their chance of coming back to compete with the other plants in your garden. Make sure to remove any weeds in the way and leave only empty soil when preparing your home garden for spring. 

Test and Loosen Soil

During the winter season, soil becomes cold and compacted which is not the ideal condition for successful gardening. To begin prepping your home garden for spring you need to start to loosen your soil by tiling or turning it. Once you have done this, it’s also a good idea to use a soil test to measure the pH and nutrient levels of your soil. This will help determine if you need to adjust your soil with any added supplements or extra care. 

Loosening Garden Soil with Gardening Tools

Pick Your Plants & Start Planting

Once you have finished prepping your home garden for spring, it’s time to start picking out which flowers and vegetables you want to grow this season. It’s important to check the ideal planting time and temperatures for each plant you plan on growing. Early spring is typically still too cold for most plants to be outside. However, many plants can be started indoors and transitioned outside later. Some common plants that are successful with indoor gardening are broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, marigolds, peppers, and tomatoes.