Heritage Homes Builders is now offering home plans featuring double master suites. These plans have two master bedrooms each with an en-suite bathroom and large walk-in closets.

Our current home plans that feature a double master suite are The Pear (or Expanded Pear) plan and The Chestnut (or Expanded Chestnut).

We have a couple double master suite quick delivery homes available in our Timber Creek Preserve Phase IV community.

As you can imagine, there are several reasons why having double master suites would be advantageous. The pros are the following:

Better Night’s Sleep- Ever have a night where the person sleeping next to you is snoring or tossing and turning. Instead of sleeping on the couch, the second master suite, allows you to have a space where you can get a better night’s sleep. This also helps if your partner has a different schedule or sleeps at a different time.

Multi-Generational– If you have an elderly parent living with you, a master on the first floor would be perfect for them. It gives them their own space without needing to go up the stairs.

Great for Visiting Family and Guests– If you have constant visitors, a second master would provide your guests greater comfort and privacy.

Baby Nursery with Amenities for Parents– Caring for an infant has its challenges, from late-night crying to frequent naps and tons of clothes and baby items. A second master provides extra storage with the walk-in closet, a conveniently located bathroom and a comfortable bed that allows the parents to nap when the baby does.

Want to learn more about our double master suite home plans, call or text Jaylene at  or Denise at 518-469-0757. Not only do we have double master suite quick delivery homes available, we also have lots to have your own custom double master suite home built on.