Often times the names “Quick Delivery Homes” or “Spec Homes” are falsely interpreted by consumers to mean model homes, pre-lived in houses or even modular homes. The lower pricing and faster build times occasionally leave buyers questioning the quality and structural integrity of these houses.

Despite their name, Quick Delivery Homes aren’t actually built any quicker than our other homes. Every Spec Home is constructed on-site from the ground up by our expert team of contractors who follow strict guidelines to ensure premium construction quality.

The reason these homes can be built in a lesser quantity of time is simple a result of standard features that buyers would normally custom select at particular point during construction. Most buyers tend to extend the building process by weeks – if not months – due to the necessary process of choosing custom features (cabinets, counter tops, lighting, etc).

A point that leads us to another common misconception: the standard features are lower quality. Let’s face it; standard features are usually synonymous with non-brand name, cheaper alternatives in which consumers suffer in both form and function. But with our Quick Delivery Homes, the opposite is actually true!

Like mostly anything, purchasing in bulk is much cheaper than buying individually. This allows us the opportunity to use high quality, top brand-name features in our Spec Homes at a lower cost, which we then pass on to our buyers. This not only ensures that our buyers get the best deal possible, but that our homes live up to the stunning and luxurious standard that we strive for every day.

So, does that mean that there are only a handful to choose from? Not at all! We offer a wide variety of Spec Home models to choose from on various land plot sizes to ensure that families of all sizes are accommodated.

Give us a call today and allow one of our helpful representatives or realtors to help you decide which home will work best for you!