lit candle in home

Vanilla Pumpkin, Cozy Flannel, Cinnamon Stick, Apple Pie……These are some of our favorite scents when heading into fall. If you are a homeowner, it is likely you have at least one of these scents as a candle in your home. As the fall and winter seasons near, many homeowners like to light candles in their home to create a cozy ambiance and fill their space with their favorite scents. Candles if not handled properly can cause a fire in your home and be extremely dangerous for your home and your family. Here are some safety tips for lighting candles in your home to keep enjoying your cozy scented candles all year long! 

  • Never leave a lit candle unattended. If you leave the room, make sure all candles are extinguished. 
  • Never fall asleep with a candle lit. 
  • Place candles on a heat-resistant surface. They should be away from any flammable materials including carpets, paper, curtains, etc. 
  • Candles should also be placed on a sturdy surface to avoid being tipped over. 
  • Make sure all candles are placed out of reach for children and animals to avoid injuries and to avoid any accidental fires or spillage. 
  • Trim candlewicks before burning to ensure that the candle is burning evenly. 
  • Acknowledge and abide by any rules or safety instructions on each candle. This could include recommendations on burn times. 
  • Never move a candle while it is lit or has hot liquid wax in it to avoid spillage and burns. 
  • Use a long flame lighter or long match to light your candles. If you use a shorter match or lighter, it could lead to accidental burns. 
  • Make sure all used candles are completely out and cool before throwing them away. If any part of the candle is still warm, it could spark a fire in the garbage. You should use the same caution when throwing out any used matches. 

We all love the ambience a scented candle creates, however there are other flameless options as well. You can consider using battery powered candles, potpourri, wall plug-in diffusers, or wax melts. If you do choose to go with a candle though, make sure you follow these safety tips for lighting candles in your home.