woman putting cobwebs and other halloween decorations on her house for hallowee

The time for ghosts, goblins, and ghouls is right around the corner, which means the store shelves are lined with spooky Halloween decorations. Halloween is such a fun holiday to decorate your home for. There are tons of décor styles and props to choose from including pumpkins, wreaths, and even inflatable yard decorations. To help you transform your home into a frightening sight, here are some of our favorite spooktacular Halloween decorations for your home. 

Candles, Lanterns, & Light-Ups

Illuminate your spooky nights! Choose from Halloween scented candles or light-up Halloween decorations to add a creepy glow to your home. You can even DIY your own Halloween lantern to display for Trick or Treaters. 

Pumpkins Galore

You can’t have Halloween without some pumpkin décor. Whether you like to get messy and carve eerie pictures into your pumpkins, or paint a funny portrait, here are plenty of decorating ideas to try this year! 

Wicked Wreaths

Welcome this year’s Trick or Treaters with a front porch wreath that’s both welcoming and terrifying. What’s even better than buying a Halloween wreath? Making your own! Here are some DIY Halloween wreaths to choose from. 

Spooky Scene Setters

Decorating the inside of your home for Halloween, can sometimes be a challenge. You can only add so many Halloween decorations on top of your normal home décor. To transform your entire indoor space, you can use scene setters to put on the walls. Choose from spooky graveyards, haunted mansions, or even a creepy carnival.  


Trick or Treaters absolutely love visiting houses with fun and spooky inflatable Halloween decorations. Nowadays, they have inflatable decorations of pretty much anything you can imagine. Here are our favorites to shop from! 

Animated Décor

Have you ever been in a store that sells Halloween decorations and walked by a spooky statue only to have it move and say something as you set off the motion activated sensor? It sure does give you a frightIf you want to add some fearful experiences to your home, check out these Halloween animatronics!