Spring is upon us and next you know it, summer will be arriving. As you watch the snow melt, your yard may look a little dull.

Here are some tips for a successful Spring cleanup. Make sure to choose a day when the snow has full melted!

Lawn Care 

Your lawn is the first place to start. Make sure to take care of any pet messes, branches and twigs. Once the grass is dry, you can rake up any leaves left over and start putting down seed and fertilizer. Winter storms may have damaged your trees or shrubs, you’ll want to clip away any dead or dying branches. Once you know the snow is completely gone (for good) you can start pruning your perennials. Your flowers are going to need room to grow, therefore make sure all flower beds are free of any debris.

Inspect your Roof

Did any of your trees break during that winter storm we got? Make sure that your roofing materials didn’t get damaged. When checking, look for shingle damage or any problems around your vent pipes or chimneys. Ice build up can cause problems on your gutters, so be sure to inspect them.

Patio and Decks

Fully inspect these areas, make sure there is no broken boards in the deck. Grab the pressure washer and hose down those hard to reach areas. Remove any mildew on the deck and patio furniture. You can use dish soap with warm water to wash down the metal or plastic outdoor furniture.


Take a peek at your garage door and front doors. Chance are they need a good cleaning, all the salt and snow can leave a film on them that needs to be washed off.

Front Porch

Scrub the walls, wipe down the flower pots and front porch decorations. While you are out there, replace any lightbulbs. Sweep dirt and debris off the porch.