Spring is here! For many homeowners, that means that spring cleaning will soon be in full swing.

While some homeowners absolutely love spring cleaning, others find it to be more of a necessary evil.

Unfortunately, whether you love it or hate it, spring cleaning your home can be quite a chore. And one of the most challenging areas of the home when it comes to spring cleaning is the kitchen.

Spring Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is often the center of a home, a popular gathering place and common area, and one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. As a result, it can easily become the grimiest areas. But because it’s used so often, it can be one of the most difficult places to clean.

Springtime is a great time to do a deep cleaning of your kitchen. Here are a few things you’ll want to be sure to address this year during your spring cleaning routine – especially if you’ve overlooked them in years past!

Cabinet Interiors

Empty your cabinets one by one and wipe down the shelves. You’ll likely be surprised at the amount of dust and crumbs that make it into the inside of your kitchen cabinets!

Cabinet Exteriors

Grease and grime can build up on the outside of your kitchen cabinets. It happens gradually, so it can be hard to notice! At least once a year, it’s a good idea to give your cabinet exteriors a good and thorough wipe down.


Your dishwasher washes your dishes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it stays clean all year round. A few times a year, give your dishwasher a good cleaning. Whether you choose to go the vinegar and baking soda route, or you invest in a dishwasher-cleaning product, the result will be a significantly cleaner dishwasher!

Dish Towels

Over years of frequent use, dishtowels can become smelly, stained and germ-laden. During your spring cleaning routine, make it a point to weed out your grimy dishtowels, replacing them with new ones if necessary.


Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to do a complete overhaul of your refrigerator! Set aside some time to clean out any old food or condiments. Empty out the refrigerator and thoroughly scrub the shelves and drawers. Reconfigure the layout if you’d like.

Once you have everything back in the fridge, take a few minutes to clean the outside. Scrub off fingerprints, get rid of outdated items stuck on with magnets, and don’t forget to wipe down the dust that’s been collecting on the top. Now is also a good time to push the fridge away from the wall and clean out the dust and debris that’s been collecting underneath and behind it.


Believe it or not, your oven does need to be cleaned! This is a task that many homeowners avoid, but it’s really not that bad. There are many strategies, from purchasing oven cleaner to using the at-home remedy of scrubbing with baking soda and spritzing with vinegar, but all of them will help to get rid of the stubborn, baked on grime inside of the oven.

Don’t forget to wipe down the oven door and the stovetop as well! These tend to get more attention than the inside of the oven throughout the year, but they are still great to touch up during spring cleaning time.

Your Kitchen Can Be Cleaner Than Ever This Spring!

Keep these spring kitchen cleaning tips in mind and your kitchen will be the cleanest it’s ever been!

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