Basements are one of the most common project that homeowners would finish if they had the funds.


  • You add value to the home
  • You have more livable space
  • You can utilize the space as you please – Bar, Rec Room, or even a wine cellar!
  • A finished basement can be cheaper than putting an addition on a house
  • Increase the buyer appeal


  • Moisture can be a problem.
    • If it’s a basement that’s often wet or very damp, a finished basement can wreak havoc on the finish materials like drywall, baseboard, or carpet this could cause mold, mildew and health issues. Unless a basement is properly waterproof, you should avoid finishing because you would be sorry down the road.
  • Cost – if you are on a tight budget, finishing the basement might not be a project you want to start.
  • Renovations are time consuming.


  • Keep your basement dry
  • Come up with a plan – do you want to make your basement one big room or small rooms?
  • Stick to a budget – its easy to run over when it comes to renovations