There comes a point where every child grows out of their childhood bedroom and wants to remodel. Of course, they can’t do that all on their own. It requires money, time, and help from adults and sometimes even professionals. When your child and the rest of your family decide it’s time for a change, here are some great tips for remodeling your child’s bedroom. 

Get Their Input

When remodeling your child’s bedroom, make sure to involve them in the process. After all, it is their room. You can treat the bedroom renovation as a reward for them accomplishing a certain task like getting good grades, doing their chores, etc. Before beginning a renovation, make sure to establish clear boundaries on design and budget with them. You want to make sure they can help make decisions, but also not go overboard. It might be a good idea to give them a few options to choose from, rather than leaving the choices open-ended. 

Pick a Theme, Colors, Etc.

When kids are young, they might have chosen wall decals, stickers, posters, and paint colors that were a little childish. As they get older, they might want to remove those and make their room more mature looking. Give them the freedom to incorporate their style in the design of their room. They might opt for more neutrals this time around with subtle pops of color or patterns. 

Decide on Future

Deciding on furniture is a crucial part of remodeling your child’s bedroom. As your child grows their needs will change, and furniture will be a huge part of accommodating that. They will need a bigger bed to fit their growing bodies, a bigger dresser to fit more clothes, and more storage options to fit all their belongings. It might also be a good idea to have a desk for schoolwork and a second bed or futon for when friends stay over. Make sure to plan for the future, not just right now. Kids will keep growing and need more, considerate that when you are remodeling your child’s bedroom. That way you don’t have to redo their room every year.