This winter, like many winters, has brought bitter cold to regions throughout Upstate New York. Sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain, and feet of snow have already occurred in some places, and more of the same is in the forecast.

This type of weather can cause significant damage to homes that aren’t well prepared for winter’s wrath.

For veteran homeowners, preparing for this kind of weather is likely part of the annual routine at this point. But for new homeowners or those new to the area, it can be a rude awakening.

Wondering how to properly winterize your Upstate NY home? Here are a few tips to get you headed in the right direction.

How To Winterize Your Home

We’ll cover 10 specific things you’ll want to tackle around the house before harsh winter weather comes your way!

Put Away Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is designed to be durable and weather resistant, but if you want it to last longer and stay in good condition, you should definitely store it away during the winter. Upstate NY winters can be brutal on outdoor furniture. Repetitive freezing and thawing, ice and heavy snow – the list goes on and on. Make space in the shed and stow your outdoor furniture away!

 Seal Windows (Or Cover Them With Plastic)

Cold winter air has a way of finding a way into the house through any crack or crevice. Keep your heating bills reasonable by sealing drafty windows, or vacuum sealing them with plastic.

Service Your HVAC System

With sub-zero temperatures in the forecast, your HVAC system is going to be working overtime to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Be sure you have serviced the system so you don’t run into issues when you need your heating system the most.

Have Your Chimney Cleaned

If you have a fireplace or woodstove and you plan to keep warm with fires during the winter, be sure to have your chimney cleaned. Cleaning out any build up of soot and ash from the chimney can help to prevent chimney fires. If you want to keep your family safe and cozy during the winter months, be sure to add this ‘to do’ to your list and call a professional chimney sweep to get the job done.

Turn Off Outdoor Spigots

Many homes in Upstate NY have outdoor water spigots for hoses and sprinklers. Before the winter cold sets in, be sure to shut off the water source to any of these spigots if possible. This will help to keep your hoses in good condition and may help with preventing frozen pipes.

 Insulate Pipes That May Freeze

Sub zero temperatures can even cause indoor pipes to freeze. If you have any pipes that seem like they might be susceptible to freezing (for instance, bathroom pipes along exterior walls), it may be worth your while to look into insulating them. Frozen pipes are no fun, especially if they burst, so planning ahead is definitely in your best interest.

Stock Up on Supplies

Winter storms causing snow covered roads can make it tough to get to the grocery store. Even worse, if the power goes out during a winter storm, you may find yourself without heat or electricity. As a result, it’s a good idea to stock up on extra supplies, including blankets, batteries, bottled water, flashlights, food, and more. Be sure to keep your pantry and your supply closets fully stocked for unexpected emergencies.

Take Out Window and Door Screens

Ice and snow can damage window and door screens, so it’s a good idea to take them out and store them away if you live in Upstate NY, where winter winds, large snow drifts, and icicles are prevalent during the winter.

Service Your Snowblower

Sometimes a shovel just isn’t enough. With numerous snowstorms each winter that dump inches – if not feet – of snow at a time on regions of Upstate NY, it’s a good idea to have your snow blower in good working order when winter arrives.

Inspect Your Yard for Potential Hazards

Take a look around your property for potential hazards that could arise when winter weather arrives. Important things to look for are old trees that might fall, branches that may hit the house if they become weighed down with snow and ice, uneven sidewalk bricks, loose deck boards, and areas along the roof where icicles could form. Try to address these potential hazards before they become an issue when snow and ice arrive.

Looking for a Cozy Home in Upstate NY?

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