neutral trendy living room with plants and other home decor

Finding Christmas presents to buy for everyone on your list can be difficult. Luckily, for the people obsessed with home décor in your life, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you give them a new fun scented candle, or a cozy new throw blanket, they are sure to love receiving any of the gifts you pick out. Here are some of the top Christmas gift ideas for people obsessed with home décor. 

Home Scents

Even if you’re not obsessed with home décor, who doesn’t love a new candle for their home? Gifting someone a new home scent is a great idea whether it’s a candle, incense, wax warmer, or even an essential oil diffuser. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to home scented gifts. You can even make it more personalized by buying them a scent that you know is their favorite or is something that reminds you of them. 

Throw Blankets or Pillows

People obsessed with home décor will never turn down a new throw blanket or throw pillow. Whether it’s a simple neutral colored one, or a new trendy design, they will be sure to love it. You could even get creative and try to make one yourself or have one personalized for them to make it extra sentimental. 

Real or Faux Plants

Home décor fanatics typically love plants whether they are real or faux. Do some research and take note of what types of greenery and plants they currently have in their home. If you decide to go real, you can try shopping at your local home and garden store. If their style is more faux, then try a home décor store or online. There are so many options for both nowadays. 

Serving Pieces

If you have someone in your life who loves home décor, they probably love finding new serving pieces for their home as well. Serving pieces can include cheese boards, serving trays, beverage dispensers, and more. Find a piece that fits in with their current style, personalize a piece, or buy them an entire matching set. Either way, serving pieces will make a great Christmas gift! 

Home Décor Subscription Boxes

If you can’t decide what to get the person who’s obsessed with home décor in your life for Christmas, why not try a home décor subscription box? Monthly or quarterly, depending on the service, your friend or family member can receive a box filled with new and trendy home décor items to help decorate their house. This is a unique and fun little gift that creates suspense and introduces them to new brands and items they may not have otherwise bought. Here are the best home décor subscription boxes of 2021 for to browse different options!