If you can believe it, we’re nearly halfway through the year already! With the middle of June approaching comes that special day where we all celebrate our favorite guy: our dad.

But since dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, we decided to compile our favorite items that any homeowner will not only use but actually get excited about, as well!

For the Handy Dad

If you have dad who likes to tinker, build, repair or anything in between, you probably know all too well that he more than likely owns every tool imaginable; or goes out and purchases whatever he wants when he wants it. This can make them exceptionally difficult to buy for, especially if you don’t want to simply hand them a gift card.

Cue this neat little gadget! It’s a ruler, leveler, flat head, Philip’s head, pen and more all wrapped into one cool little package that Dad can easily keep on-hand whenever he’s messing around in his workshop.













For the Cooking Dad

We all know the stereotypical father guarding his beloved steaks, beverage in hand standing next to his grill. But what about the dads that do it all? Have we got the perfect gift for them!

The Prep Deck is an awesome kitchen tool that will allow him to whip up all his favorite dishes without making a huge mess and dirtying up every bowl/tool in the kitchen. With its stylish appearance and versatile nature, this is a win-win for dad AND mom!

For the Apple Dad

AirPods have been the standard for premium Bluetooth earbuds for years now. But Apple stepped their game up big time recently with the release of their AirPods Pro.

But what about these earbuds will get Dad so excited? Silence; well, close to it, anyway.

One of the best new features is the noise cancelling function, which renders users nearly incapable of hearing noise, even when no sound is being produced. Just don’t blame us when Dad starts walking around with these on pretty much all the time…




















For the Gym Dad

If the top guy in your life spends his free time seeing how far he can run or how much weight he can lift then the stereotypical candy boxes or cheese filled gift baskets probably aren’t top on your list.

Show your support and enthusiasm for his love for staying healthy with a portable blender, allowing him to easily blend up post-workout shakes or meal replacements when he’s at work or even on the road. Pair the blender with a gift basket containing his favorite protein powders, supplements and fruits/vegetables to help him get immediate use out of this awesome new gift!

For the Outdoorsy Dad

Weather he likes fishing, hunting, camping or hiking this last gift will come in handy no matter how he likes to spend his time out in the wilderness.

If there’s one situation more irritating than pretty much anything else, it’s needing a light at the worst possible moments. Fast forward to struggling with a flashlight dangling from your mouth or attempting to prop up your cellphone in just the right angle. The result? Lots of bad words and an occasional broken cell phone.

Which is wear these super cool gloves come in to play. Equipped with two high-powered LED lights – one on the thumb, one on the index finger – these gloves take the frustration out of any project in the dark. Designed to focus the light directly upon the area of your two most used fingers you’ll never have to worry about struggling with a light ever again.