The holidays bring joy and happiness to all. The best gift you can give is helping others. Here are 10 way to volunteer during the holidays.

Bake Cookies for First Responders

Everyone looks cookie during the holidays, our first responders are on the go all year long, this year they have worked so hard to keep us all safe.

Sponsor a Family

Contact your local Toys for Tots  or Salvation Army to see if they offer an adopt a family program in your area.

Animal Shelter

There are many things your local animal shelters need. You can give a monetary donation, toys, blankets, pet food and treats, cat liter and newspaper.

Pass out Blankets, Gloves and Jackets to the Homeless

Winter is on its way and its starting to get very chilly at night. Donating blankets can help them keep warm at night.

Donate Books

Grab the kids, go through all their books & donate to local libraries or children’s hospitals. This time of the year is the best time to teach them about donating to other kids in need.

Pay It Forward

Buy someone’s coffee, donating to homeless shelters, put gas in someone’s car, buy a gift card and leave it at the grocery register incase someone is short.

Shovel Your Elderly Neighbors Walkways

The elderly are trying to stay inside more this year – snow will be showing up soon and the last thing we want is for anyone to fall, get hurt and have to visit a hospital during the pandemic.

Donate Blood

Blood is always needed, call your local red cross to find out where you can donate.

Donate Your Talent

Whether you are handy with a wrench or know how to fix a family members computer, offering your talent is always a great way to help.

Make Food Deliveries

Soup kitchens, elderly neighbors and homeless shelters all appreciate the extra food deliveries during the holidays.