Whether you are searching for your new dream home, or building it, considering a finished basement is usually part of the process. Deciding whether to keep a basement unfinished or fix it up to add another usable room to your floorplan, can be a challenging decision. There are many pros and cons to finishing your basement. Every home is different, and the homeowner should choose what makes the most sense for their home and their needs. Here are some of the top pros and cons that people consider when contemplating the decision to create a finished basement in their home. 

construction workers building wooden staircase checking levels accuracy quality control finished basement new home

Pro: finished basement adds additional usable space to your home’s floorplan. This extra space can give you the flexibility to add another room that you may have on your wish list such as a game room, workout room, extra living area, man cave, etc.  

Con: Basement’s are known for having more moisture than the rest of the house. Sometimes, this can create a problem when looking to create a finished basement. To eliminate any moisture problems, more money may be needed to install the proper materials and solve the issues. 

Pro: If you need a room in your home for louder activities such as a movie room, game room, workout area, or playroom, a finished basement can be perfect. Basements are great places for natural sound absorption. The thick walls and insulation make it hard for people in other parts of the home to hear what is going on in on the basement. 

Con: Basements are typically very dark, which is not ideal for rooms or extra living areas. To provide ample lighting in a finished basement, you could run into problems of having to adjust window placement and sizing and installing additional lighting. Both solutions are doable but can be costly once added up. 

Pro: Homes that have finished basements can add value to your home when reselling.  

Con: Even though having a finished basement can add resale value, it can also be very costly, disrupt your everyday life, and be a lengthy process.  

If you do choose to create a finished basement, here are some tips to consider: 

  1. Consider how you will use the space. This will help you to create a vision and plan for what you want the end product to be. 
  2. Access the current space. What condition is it in? What are noticeable problems?  
  3. Set a budget for your project and stick to it. 
  4. Get a quote from a professional.