If you have kids, childproofing your new home is one of the very first things you’ll need to do when you move in. While this can be a somewhat daunting task, especially with all the other stresses that come along with relocating, it’s one of the most important things you will do when you buy a new home.

So where exactly do you start when it comes time to childproof your new house? Whether you’re buying a house here in Saratoga County or the greater Capital Region, or elsewhere, here are a few tips to get you started when it comes to kid-proofing.

10 Tips for Childproofing Your New Home

Cover Electrical Outlets

Kids are naturally curious and electrical outlets are right at their level in most homes. Keep your kids safe from electrical shocks by covering electrical outlets with childproof outlet covers that include a child safety latch.

Clean Up Clutter

For most people, household clutter is inevitable. Unfortunately, clutter can also be a danger for little kids. It can disguise items that could be choking hazards and cause items that are not kid-friendly to be within  a child’s reach. To keep your kids safe, do your best to clean up household clutter in a timely manner so you can feel confident your kids won’t accidentally have access to items they are not supposed to.

Store Away Breakable Items

Though they may look nice, many household decorations are not kid friendly. From vases to trinkets, decorative items pose a variety of hazards to kids. They can break or become a choking hazard should a child get their hands on them. Stow these items away somewhere safe and out of reach of little hands to keep your kiddos – and your favorite decorations – out of harm’s way.

Mount Heavy Furniture and Fixtures to the Wall

Kids absolutely love to climb. Unfortunately, hundreds of children are injured every year by falling household furniture and fixtures. As soon as you move into your house and decide how your furniture will be situated, be sure to mount any tippable items securely to the wall to protect your kiddos.

Add Soft Buffers to Sharp Edges

Counter corners and fireplace mantels may not seem hazardous, but the truth is they can be very dangerous for children. Cover up these hard, sharp edges around the house with soft padding and protectors to avoid accidental bumps, bruises and injuries.

Install Gates

Stairs are a huge hazard for small children, especially those who are mobile but haven’t quite mastered the art of stair climbing. Installing childproof stair gates at the tops and bottoms of stairways in your new house to prevent the little ones in your life from going where they are not supposed to.

Keep Cords Out of Reach

Household cords can pose a threat for pets, but they can also be incredibly dangerous for small children. From wires behind the TV to the cords that hang down from blinds and window coverings, all household cords can be hazardous. Make sure these are out of reach of children from the very first day you arrive at your new house!

Lock Up Household Chemicals & Medications

Many household chemicals and products are poisonous. Unfortunately, many are also brightly colored making them very appealing to kids who do not realize how dangerous they can be. Be sure all household chemical containers and medication packages are completely childproof and are stored in secure places that are out of reach of children.

Practice Water Safety

Children can drown in just inches of water. If you have youngsters around the house, never leave any standing water or liquids unattended. To make sure your bathroom is completely safe, install a safety latch on the toilet to prevent curious kids from opening it up and falling in when they are toddling around.

Adjust Windows, Doors and Screens

Every year, children are severely injured as a result of falls out of windows. Remember – screens are not enough to prevent a child from falling out of a window. If you have kids in the house, make sure you open windows from the top so they cannot accidentally fall out. You can also install window stops to ensure the kiddos can’t open windows from the bottom far enough to climb out.

Keep Your Kids Safe in Your New Capital Region Home

While nothing can protect your kids like a responsible adult keeping an eye on them, these 10 tips will help you get started with childproofing your new home. Take care of these items, and you can take a big step towards resting assured that everyone in your family can reside in your new home safe and sound.

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