If you’re a fan of HGTV, you’ve probably noticed that shows about house flipping, remodeling and DIY projects are all the rage these days. From Fixer Upper to Flip or Flop, the house transformations you see on TV are sometimes unbelievable – and many times inspirational.

If binge watching your favorite home improvement show has left you wanting to make some improvements in your home, you’re not alone!

And while you may not have a completely blank canvas or a house you can flip, there are probably some DIY projects you can tackle to make a room or two in your home feel a bit more exciting.

Interior Design and Home Improvement Project Ideas

Looking for some creative interior design ideas you can implement in your own home? Here are a few creative ideas and decoration exercises to try out!

Pick One Item and Design Around It

Have a favorite lamp, piece of artwork, bookshelf or rug? Try focusing on that one item and designing an entire room around it. From the color scheme to the layout of the room, make your favorite thing the focal point and use that to help everything else come together.

This strategy may mean different things to different people – but that’s the fun of it!

Consider Creative Storage Options

There are SO many creative ways to introduce additional storage options into spaces throughout your home. From cubbies and hooks to decorative baskets and hollow ottomans, there are plenty of ways to introduce stylish elements that serve a purpose when it comes to storage.

If you’re feeling like things are more cluttered than you’d like, make your next DIY home improvement an exercise in creative decluttering and organization!

Paint an Accent Wall

Want to try something bold but not too risky? Try painting an accent wall! Find a color you love that will complement the colors on the rest of the walls in the room and ties in well with the other decor you have in place. Then, get to painting! An accent wall can jazz up and totally change the look of a room – but it’s easy to undo if you end up totally hating it! T

Still Looking for a Home Where You Can Put Your Creativity to Work?

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