Increase Your Living Space

If your building lot slopes, hillside walkout basement house plans offer distinct advantages with greater living space. 

The front portion of the cellar would be underground beneath the home’s first floor, while the rear of the home appears to be a second story as the land angles away from the dwelling.

The wall facing the yard is where the door gets placed and usually features standard windows as well. This type of basement is also referred to as a “daylight basement” because of the sunlight available. During the site selection process, be sure to discuss walkout basement house plans with your team, so that they can advise you on the best use of the terrain.

The Benefits of Basements

Tons of Storage – Let’s face it, we all have lots of stuff we might not be using and want to conveniently stow somewhere. The basement is the perfect spot to store things. Off-season clothing, lawn furniture, tools, and laundry facilities may be tucked away below the surface of your everyday life.

Increased Living Space – Rather than using a basement just for storage, consider all the living space possibilities that finished basements offer. You may want to add a bathroom, an extra bedroom or an in-law apartment. Or, you can collect rental income from an apartment complete with a highly desirable private entrance when you have a walkout basement. Like to entertain? Imagine a full bar, billiards, and sound system in your finished cellar, created by incorporating walkout basement designs. Or you may need another room for your growing family and can create a cozy family room, children’s playroom or home office.

Higher Home Value – The appraisal value for a home with a walkout basement is typically higher than the traditional basement because of the added entryway. In order to add a basement bedroom, this door is required by code. And if you want to include your finished basement in your home’s square footage as a selling point, you need that walkout basement with its door to the outside.

Natural Light – The clear advantage to walkout basement designs is the amount of light that streams into the area. The sunshine makes the space truly livable and appealing. Plus, the natural light often creates the illusion of a larger space.

Outdoor Living – Many walkout basements exit to a patio or deck, which is a big bonus for those who enjoy the outdoors. A morning coffee or evening beverage is best enjoyed against nature’s backdrop. A walkout basement offers extra space for entertaining and easy access to the yard without going through the front or back doors.

Health Benefits – Better air circulation with a walkout basement may counteract potential dampness. The musty effects of mold and mildew, commonly associated with basements, can be mitigated by this additional access to fresh air and sunlight, making the space more livable.

Walkout Basements

The Answer to More Living Space – If at some point, you need more living space and moving isn’t an option, planning head by creating a walkout basement can be an easy fix. Local zoning laws and restrictions can limit the type of the addition and the size of the new space as well. Instead, finish your basement to expand your living space without intruding on neighboring properties or violating zoning limitations.

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