With temperatures hitting well into the 90s many people are looking for ways to beat the heat indoors. Here are some fun tips to stay cool inside and have fun. 

  1. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course 

    Organize your furniture and belongings to create a fun-filled obstacle course right in your home. You can take chairs, cushions, pillows and any other items to make a trail of challenges, twists and turns to burn energy or just have fun.  

    Some ideas include:  
    – Putting a row of chairs together to crawl under  
    – Lining several pillows in a row to hop over 
    – Grabbing an item as a weight and carry it up and down the stairs several times 
    – Complete a task like throwing a bean bag in a small trash can several times 
    – Walking a balance board or line on the floor made with tape 
    – Balance a ball or an object for 30 seconds 

    Use this activity as a great way to brainstorm and come up with some indoor summer fun! 

  2. Make a Cool Treat  

    Another way to get your creative juices flowing is blending some icy cool summer treats. With any regular blender you can make slushies, fruit smoothies, frozen lemonade; the list can go on and on with what is in your fridge!  

    A good smoothie can consist of a simple ice, water and fruit blend mix. Have some fruit left over from the farmer’s market? Throw it in with a little juice and ice!

  3. Make Movies or Home Videos 

    Lights, cameras, action!  

    This can be done with just a cell phone or tablet and a little planning! 
    – Come together to create a fun story line 
    – List out some ideas of where to shoot, this may include going outside 
    – Get creative with wardrobe (towels as capes, make some crowns out of cardboard) or use old Halloween costumes  
    – Find or make some fun props to use 
    – Find an app that can make videos or something for your desktop 
    – Edit as a family 

    Ideas for home movies can be as creative as you like. Lastly, you can release your movie to the world or just keep as a family memory.  

  4. Build A Fort 

    This is an old but very loved way to pass hot summer days when there is nowhere to go. Taking couch cushions, chairs, blankets and sheets to create a cave or dungeon are just two ideas for playtime. 

    Here are some more ideas to create forts at home.  

  5. Try some DIY Facial or Hair Masks 

    Basic ingredients in your fridge and cabinets can make for a relaxing spa day at home. Honey, coconut oil, oatmeal and avocados can be nutritious ingredients to enhance your skin and hair.
    Here is one basic mix for a face mask: 
    1 avocado 
    2 tablespoons plain yogurt 
    1 tablespoon olive oil 
    1 tablespoon honey 
    Mix these ingredients together and leave on your face for 10-15 minutes. Follow up with a luke warm water rinse and moisturizer.  

    Here are more recipes for at home face and hair masks.