Deciding whether to build or buy can be challenging sometimes. You have to take multiple things into consideration, what is your time frame? are you okay with renovations? do you enjoy painting? these are all questions to ask yourself when buying a property. A lot of people like the idea of building. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider building your home vs. buying a preexisting property.


With a new build, you can customize everything from your flooring to your wall outlet covers. Everything is customizable. You can choose your paint colors and not have to worry about painting yourself. Do you prefer modern or traditional when it comes to style? A contemporary look and feel is created with open floor plans where public spaces like the kitchen, living room and dining room are free flowing. The openness makes it easy for people in different rooms to see each other and interact. With a more traditional style home, rooms tend to be separated by walls and doors. This provides a greater sense of privacy and can make a larger home feel warmer.


If you are looking for a more energy efficient home, your builder can incorporate that into the build which will be lower maintenance & have fewer repairs. Most homes aren’t always up to date on the most energy saving products. You can make sure your new home has the exact security systems in place and even have that smart living room you are looking for.


You may have saw a perfect home at some point, but the location wasn’t where you wanted to be. With custom builds, you can choose your neighborhood. We have three wonderful neighborhoods in great areas that would be ideal for raising your family.


Time is precious and no one wants to spend every weekend painting – leave that to the professionals. Although it may take a few months more to build vs. close on a prebuild home, you wont be spending as much time renovating everything. So it works out in the long run!


When you build a new home, everything is new. Most appliances and products like siding and roofs have extended warranties, which is less costly for you in the long run. This really gives you a sense of relaxation knowing you will have a lot less headaches and more time relaxing.

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