The arrival of Spring means it’s time to start prepping your home garden for the season. If this is your first home garden, it’s important to do research on how to get started. And before planting your first seed, you should know exactly which plants you would like to grow and what their needs are. The key to having a successful home garden is having the right gardening tools for the process. Here are 6 must have gardening tools to build your home garden. 


Gloves should be your first priority when starting a garden. They help to keep your hands clean and protected from dirt, bugs, and chemicals. When picking a set of gloves make sure that they fit well and are made up of a breathable, durable, and water-resistant fabric. 


Garden spades are short-handled square shovels that are used for cutting sod, reshaping beds, and digging deeper holes for planting. They make digging tasks much easier when starting your home garden. 


A garden hoe is another essential tool for a successful garden. When choosing a garden hoe to purchase, first you must determine what type of garden you decide on growing. A vegetable garden requires a more sturdy and wider hoe. However, for a flower garden you can go with a more delicate and thinner hoe. Hoes are great for helping to prepare your garden by turning soil and cutting down weeds. 

Watering Can

A successful garden requires consistent watering in order to grow. A watering can is a must have garden tool to make this process easier. You can choose from plastic or metal watering cans with a variety of sizes, colors, and nozzle options. Watering cans are filled with water from a faucet or hose and carried over to your garden to make for less trips back and forth and even water distribution. 


Gardening requires being up close and personal with your plants. This often means sitting or kneeling on the ground while digging holes or planting. To make sitting on the ground more comfortable you should invest in a good kneepad. This will also help you to avoid getting covered in dirt and mud while on the ground. 

Gardening Hat

Maintaining a home garden can require hours of consistent hard work out in the sun. That is why it’s important to wear a gardening hat for protection. You may not realize it, but your head and your face are very delicate when it comes to sunlight exposure. It’s important to invest in a gardening hat to make sure you are protected during those long sessions out in the yard.