homeowner using remote to turn up the air conditioning unit in their home

It may be August already, but we still have a few more weeks of dealing with the heat. Air conditioning can seem like a life saver during those high temperature months, but it can also crank up your electricity bill. Whether it’s to help you out for the rest of this season or to keep in mind for next summer, here are 6 tips for cutting air conditioning costs at home.  

Keep the Air Conditioning System Clean

Most air conditioning problems that can come up are due to not keeping it properly cleaned and maintained. The most important part of your air conditioner is your filter. Make sure to change out the filter when it is due or to clean it often if it is a reusable one. Maintaining the filter will also help you improve the indoor air quality in your home.  


Create Shade

Harsh sunlight that beams into your home through doors and windows can make your air conditioner work extra hard, producing a higher bill. You can create shade by planting trees or plants outside of large windows to block the sunlight from shining in. As for indoor shading, you can also purchase curtains or drapes to place on your windows to help eliminate sun rays.  

Eliminate Cracks and Leaks

It’s important that you go through your home periodically and check for any leaks, cracks, or holes where air can be escaping through. To fill these cracks, you can go to your local hardware store to purchase weatherproof caulk or expandable foam spray. 

woman filling cracks in wall
man installing new energy efficient windows in home to reduce air conditioning costs

Upgrade your Windows

If your home has older windows installed, they may not energy efficient. While there is an upfront cost to installing energy efficient windows, it does pay off in the future by lowering your overall air conditioning costs. Upgrading your windows will help to make sure they are completely sealed without any leaks or cracks as well. 

Use Fans Instead of Air Conditioning

Fans are a great alternative to cranking up the air conditioning. Fans can help you to stay cool, improve the air flow in your home, and provide you with cleaner air. You can use standalone fans throughout your home or install ceiling fans for easier access.  

young men grilling outside by pool in backyard

Avoid Cooking Indoors

Using the oven or stove in the summer months can generate a lot of heat indoors which can make your air conditioning system work extra hard. Try to cook outdoors on the grill as much as possible to regulate your temperature inside. You can also try using a crockpot or air fryer instead which tend to generate less heat.