With so many decisions to make when deciding on new construction, the location of your future Master Bedroom usually isn’t one of them. Traditionally, master bedrooms are typically located on the second story, segregating the sleeping quarters of those in the home from the living area, for a variety a great reasons.

  1. Energy Efficiency

    This is especially true in newer home with thermostats that can control separate areas within a home. With all members of the household sleeping on one floor a considerable amount of money can be saved by focusing the primary amount of heating and cooling to one floor at a time depending on the time of day.

  2. Space

    Keeping all of the bedrooms upstairs allows for more room on the main floor to dedicate however you’d like. Whether that means a larger kitchen, pantry, living or dining room, you’ll have lots of extra space to play with.

    More space also means the opportunity to create a more open aesthetic to the home, bringing in more natural light and flow to the space.

  3. Proximity to Other Household Members

    Especially important for families with younger children, locating your Master bedroom upstairs with the rest of the family provides allows for a considerable degree of convenience.

    Any parent of an infant or young child knows how often you are typically called upon for feedings, comfort or an unforeseen emergency.

  4. Privacy

    When Master Bedrooms are on the first floor, they are surrounded by rooms that comprise the main living space of the house. This means that any time a member of the household is within that area, there is a chance of disrupting those in the downstairs master.

    Upstairs master bedrooms alleviate this issue entirely, allowing for use of both floors without major disruptions to their privacy.

  5. Laundry

    With a master bedroom located upstairs with the rest of the rooms comes an option that many people overlook when designing a floor plan; an upstairs laundry room.

    Nearly everyone can vouch for the hassle of bringing clothes down simply to bring them back up. Not to mention the spill over of clothes from a laundry room if you have a rather large family and little time to perfectly keep on it.

    The convenience of an upstairs laundry is priceless, especially for those who may struggle with the physical strain of carrying heavy loads up and down the stairs on a daily basis.