modern master bedroom

When building a new home or looking to buy a home, one of the biggest factors many homeowners consider is where the master bedroom will be located. Selecting the right location for your this bedroom is just as important as other choices you make regarding your home like choosing paint colors or window treatments. Everyone has their own unique reasons for choosing where they want their bedroom, such as noise levels, accessibility, and being close to their children. Here are some popular pros and cons of the different possible locations when deciding where your master bedroom should be. 

Back of the Home

If you are a person that likes privacy and quiet, the back master bedroom may be the option for you. Since you’re located in the back of the house, you are less likely to hear traffic out on the road and have lights shining in your windows. You are also likely to have less visitors being farther away from the main part of the house. 

Front Master Bedroom

If you are trying to decide where your master bedroom should be, the front of the home could be an excellent option as well. Having the bedroom located in the front of the house is helpful to see what is happening in your front yard such as visitors. In the front of the house, you are also closer to more commonly shared areas in the home such as the kitchen and family room. This is great if you don’t need much privacy and like being in the action. However, there are also some cons to consider about the front master bedroom. You are more likely to experience higher noise levels because of being close to those shared areas. You also have to worry about closing your blinds for privacy to avoid exposing your life and unwanted sights to your neighbors. And as mentioned before, you may experience lights shining in while you are trying to sleep from overhead streetlights and traffic. 

First Floor

When deciding where your master should be, a common question is should it be on the first floor or the second floor. Having a master bedroom on the first floor can be a great option for homeowners who have frequent visitors, families living with them, or children. Most of the other bedrooms will be upstairs, so this offers them privacy away from others. A first-floor bedroom is also much better for accessibility. If you have trouble moving up and down the stairs, or you plan to age in place, being on the first floor will be much easier for you. It can also help to increase the resale value of your home in the future. It’s also important to consider that having a master on the first floor can mean that it may not be as quiet as you would like all the time. 

Second Floor

The second floor can also be a great option for a master bedroom. Being on the second floor, away from the shared spaces of the home, provides a relaxing escape in your home. If you have young children whose rooms are also on the second floor, it can be a good idea to be close by in case of emergencies. However, if you have trouble going up and down stairs, the second floor might not be the best option for your master bedroom.