When the kids are off from school over the summer, it can be hard to find things to do to keep them busy. It’s important that they find summer break activities that encourage them to get moving, enjoy nature, exercise their brain, and be creative with arts and crafts. This will ensure that they stay mentally and physically sharp throughout the summer before returning to school in the fall. If you need some ideas for ways to keep the kids busy and their brains turning the next few months, here are some fun summer break activities you can do at home. 

Get Moving

  1. Go for a bike ride through the neighborhood. 
  2. Visit a playground with friends. 
  3. Go hiking with friends or family. 
  4. Go swimming at a local beach or pool. 
  5. Build an obstacle course in your backyard. 
  6. Break out the jump rope. 
  7. Grab the chalk and try hopscotch. 
  8. Hold a hula hooping competition. 
  9. Play hide and seek with the neighborhood kids. 
  10. Dance it out with friends, choreographed or not. 

Enjoy Nature

  1. Go for a nature walk to learn about new wildlife and plant species. 
  2. Camp out in the backyard. 
  3. Grab some binoculars and go bird watching. 
  4. Plant a garden full of flowers, fruit, and vegetables. 
  5. Build a sandcastle. 
  6. Build a tree fort in the backyard. 
  7. Run in the sprinkler to cool off. 
  8. Grab a telescope and go stargazing. 
  9. Go fishing at a local pond, river, or lake. 
  10. Watch an outdoor movie. 

Exercise Your Brain

  1. Conduct a new science experiment. 
  2. Visit the local library. 
  3. Go to a museum. 
  4. Do a puzzle. 
  5. Watch a how-to video to learn something new. 
  6. Play a card game. 
  7. Visit the local zoo or aquarium to learn about animals. 
  8. Learn to cook a new recipe. 
  9. Try some online learning games 
  10. Play a game of chess. 

Be Creative with Arts & Crafts

  1. Create fun designs with sidewalk chalk. 
  2. Collect rocks and paint them. 
  3. Be a videographer for the day. 
  4. Print coloring pages. 
  5. Hold a photoshoot. 
  6. Make your own jewelry. 
  7. Make your own playdough. 
  8. Create some new clothing with tye-dye. 
  9. Learn and play a new instrument. 
  10. Scrapbook your summer memories.