man handing woman a new homeowner's housewarming gifts

Some homeowners decide to host a housewarming party when they move into a new home to welcome their friends and family and show them around their new place. Most of the time, the guests attending a housewarming party bring a gift for the new homeowner to celebrate their accomplishment and new journey in life. Even if a party is not thrown, as friends and family start to visit the homeowner and new home, they bring gifts as they stop by. If you are attending a housewarming party soon or dropping by to visit a new homeowner, here are some of our favorite housewarming gifts for new homeowners. 


A great idea for a housewarming gift for new homeowners is a book. It could be a cookbook to inspire them with new recipes to cook in their new home, a book of interior design inspiration, or simply a book to use as a décor piece in the home. Books are always welcomed and a gift that you can never go wrong with. 

open recipe book laid out on counter surrounded by food

Alcohol & Drinkware

What better way to celebrate a housewarming party and new home, than with a bottle of champagne or wine? A bottle of alcohol is a great idea for a housewarming gift if the homeowner enjoys alcohol and is of legal age of course. Another great gift idea in addition to the alcohol itself is drinkware. This can be anything from coasters, glasses, a cocktail shaker, or shot glasses. These are typically some of the favorite gifts that new homeowners receive.

Food Related Housewarming Gifts

If you know the new homeowner you are buying for likes to cook, a food related gift might be the best idea! There are plenty of food housewarming gifts to choose from like spices, dip or soup mixes, olive oil, or even cooking or baking utensils. Every time they make a new recipe in their new home, they will think of you and your thoughtful gift. 


Personalized Gifts

If you want to add an extra special touch to your housewarming gift, you can always get something personalized for the new homeowners. Some ideas of personalized gifts include a drawing of their new home, a custom return address stamp, a new doormat with their name on it, or an engraved cheese platter. Personalized gifts are great for celebrating a close friend or family members’ new journey. 

Gift Cards

If you are still struggling with the idea of what to give a new homeowner as a housewarming gift, you can always give them a gift card. A gift card allows the homeowners to purchase whatever they might still need for the home whether it be a décor piece, cleaning supplies, or a round of groceries. The thought is still there with a gift card, and it allows the homeowner to have flexibility with deciding what they need most.