preparing your home for severe weather ahead storm with lighting

The month of September is recognized as National Preparedness Month. Being prepared for severe weather and natural disasters is extremely important. Of course, you can’t predict everything that will come your way, but being as prepared as possible will lessen the damage and aftermath you must handle once the situation has passed. A huge part of planning for emergencies is making sure you know how to prepare your home for severe weather. So, how do you do that? Here are some helpful tips and resources to help you prepare your home for sever weather including flooding, thunderstorms, snowstormswildfires, and tornados. 


Whether or not your home is in an area that is prone to flooding, it’s important to still be prepared for the worst. Flooding can happen anywhere or anytime due to bad weather or drainage problems. The worst part about flooding is that it doesn’t take long for a little bit of water to wreak havoc on your home or foundation. Read these tips and resources to help prepare your home for flooding. 


While most thunderstorms can be minor, sometimes a larger one comes along that creates more damage. It’s important to prepare your home for severe weather, especially thunderstorms that bring frequent lightning strikes.  


While a light snowfall can be relaxing and beautiful, it’s important to prepare your home for the severe weather and bigger snowstorms that might come your way. Spend the months leading up to winter, preparing for the heavy snowfall and thick ice that might come your way.  


It’s crucial to prepare your home for severe weather when it comes to tornadoes. Tornadoes can bring massive winds that can cause destruction to your home and property. It can also be very dangerous due to flying debris. Here are some tips and resources to help get you prepared in case a tornado hits your area. 


Nowadays, homeowners seek to build their homes in more rural areas or woodland settings. The appeal of being in nature and having a scenic view right in your backyard is great and all, but it increases the chances that you may face the threat of wildfires. To prepare your home for sever weather when it comes to wildfires, make sure to read up on some of these tips and resources!