It’s been a tough couple of months for many people. Being in quarantine, vacations cancelled, several places closed, there can be limited choices when it comes to getting away. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ideas to relax and get away in the comfort of your home. 

  1. Trying New International Recipes 

    World cuisine can be at your fingertips with a little research! Take a trip to Italy, Japan or anywhere your heart desires. With a little planning, have a week where you try a different country each night.  

    Try also adding some international flare to your meal! Some ideas include hanging Oriental decorations if making a Chinese dish or print out pictures of Italy if doing a pasta night. Adding music can also make for an exciting dining experience right in your kitchen, dining room or backyard. 

    Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 44 dishes to try at home.  

  2. Tour Areas Right on Your Computer 

    Many museums, zoos and other destinations have made it available for people to tour right from their own homes for free. Make an eventful night for you, your significant other or the whole family to check out some fun places to ‘visit.’  

    If you have the technology add a projector and backdrop for an even better experience. 

    In March, Good Housekeeping made a list of virtual tours.    

  3. Redecorate a Room  

    There are quite a number of options for this one. Turn your bedroom or any room into a hotel style chic suite. Higher quality hotels plan their interior designs to make your stay quaint and unique.

    Simple changes that won’t break the bank can include:

    – De-cluttering
    – Rearranging furniture
    – Adding new decor
    – Painting

    You don’t need to do anything drastic to make a room a quiet and peaceful getaway. 

  4. Relax With a Spa Day

    From making nutritious smoothies to running a hot bath, turn your home into a relaxing spa. Ideas can include: 

    – Run a hot bath with candles 
    – Make a nutritious smoothie 
    – Try a new assortment of teas 
    – If you live with someone, offer each other massages  
    – Paint your nails or perform any other nail or skin care
    – Try a new face or hair mask, homemade or store bought 
    – Stay in your robe all day and watch a fun movie 
    – Order take out