organized walk-in closet in new home

If you have a walk-in closet in your home, you know how rewarding it can be. Having a designated space for your clothing and accessories makes your bedroom seem organized and less cluttered. However, as our schedules become busier, sometimes having a walk-in closet can be hard to maintain. To be able to find items you are looking for and have your closet looking neat and tidy, it requires monthly, if not weekly, cleaning and maintenance. Here are some easy tips for organizing your walk-in closet. 

Empty Everything Out

The first step to organizing your walk-in closet is to empty everything out of the space. This means taking every item off clothing hangers, taking everything out of drawers, and off shelves. Starting with a clean and empty room will make organizing it much easier. 

Deep Clean

Once the closet is empty, give it a deep clean. This includes vacuuming the carpet or sweeping the hardwood floors, wiping down shelves, and dusting in the corners. It’s not very often that the closet is empty, so take advantage of this time to really get it clean. 


One of your next steps should be dividing your belongings into three different piles. The piles should be designated for items you want to keep, items in good condition that you are going to donate, and items that are losing quality to throw away. 


After deciding which items you would like to keep and put back in the closet, brainstorm the best method for organizing them. There are plenty of organization tools to use including wall racks, hangers, drawers, and shelving. Or, if you would like to make it even easier, you can purchase an entire closet system that typically has all those components. 

Categorize and Color-Coordinate

Lastly, you need to decide how you are going to put everything back. Some popular ways to organize your clothing or accessories are by color coordinating, type of item, or by season. This makes finding a specific item you may be looking for easier. When deciding how to categorize your items, think about how often you use certain pieces of clothing or accessories as well. Placing items you wear more often towards the beginning of the closet and less worn items towards the back will make getting ready more convenient for you.