Chances are if you’ve driven anywhere recently you’ve seen at least one rainbow displayed in the window of someone’s home. More likely though, is that you’ve seen many.

This isn’t your ordinary display of children’s artwork; it’s a message of solidarity and hope for a positive future. With the US facing an additional four weeks of quarantine, we need all the positivity we can get.

It all started in Italy earlier this month when the COVID-19 outbreak began taking a serious toll on the country. Families began hanging artwork featuring rainbows with the writing “Tutto andra’ bene” which translates to “Everything will turn out alright”. This simple act of hope and kindness has inspired others all across the world to do the same, so now families near and far are spreading the encouraging message.

Not only have the rainbows put a smile on the many faces who pass them by, but they’ve created a fun activity for families to engage in. The rainbow scavenger hunt has become a safe way for families to get out and explore and still honor the social distancing rule. The artwork is sometimes simple, a drawing placed in the window, whereas others have broken out their holiday lights to create an impressive display.

In times like these the simplest acts of kindness make all the difference. So grab your paper, your lights or whatever medium you’d like and create your own rainbow of hope for all to see.