Check out the Home during Wintertime

If you are purchasing a home in Central NY, you know the winter can get brutally cold. Winter is the best time to check out homes to see how they handle the climate. It gives you an opportunity to look at the home and ask yourself some key questions. Is that driveway going to be too large to shovel? Is the house properly insulated? Is there ice building up somewhere it shouldn’t be?

Home Prices are Lower

Winter is typically the cheapest time to purchase a home. Sellers may have a deadline they need to move by so, sellers are motivated to sell and are usually wiling to make a good deal. Sometimes, the seller will even add in appliances or added perks to help sell the home quicker.

Faster Closing Times & More Attentive Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are busier during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Agents are probably not making as many sales during the winter, so they typically have more flexible availability and will try to close the deal faster.

Less Competition

Lets face it, most people do not find the Winter weather ideal to shop for houses in. There will be fewer buyers competing for homes during the Winter. Which means the chances of multiple offers on a that property will decrease.

Mover Flexibility

Between January and March you will find the lowest rates for moving. Most companies have more flexibility and dates available. You may even be able to negotiate a better price during these months. Always make sure you check the weather prior to moving, give yourself some extra time in case we get a traditional upstate NY storm.