As Harvard said, during the holidays we have to “Prioritize the “me” in merry”

We try to make sure that everything is perfect, so we spend November and December baking, buying presents, going to parties, and are usually on the go. The holidays can bring in a mix of emotions and sometimes we forget to take a moment to breathe. Self-care is important all year long but even more during the holiday season.

We created a fun way to keep your self-care intact during the holidays – who doesn’t love bingo! Although all 9 are a necessity, the top 5 things to remember during the holidays are:

  1. Make time for you
    • This is something that we all forget during the rush fast paced holidays, once a night, sit down and reflect back on your day. Remind yourself that you are doing amazing and you are a wonderful person.
  2. Rest
    • You need to give yourself time to recharge. When we are on the go all the time, sometimes we get overwhelmed and lack sleep. Even an extra half hour a night will help!
  3. Treat yourself
    • December you are giving all month long, you deserve to give yourself a treat too! You are important.
  4. Stay active
    • This is so important. Plan ahead, why not join a online group? If you are going to be out of town, ask if there is equipment you can use. If not, you can always take a walk! Keep moving.
  5. Keep a healthy diet
    • There is no reason you cannot enjoy some yummy Christmas cookies or an extra piece of pie at Thanksgiving, but remember to keep a healthy diet 90% of the time. You will be thanking yourself later.