Every one dreams of a big beautiful closet to showcase all their belongings. 

If you have an extra room your not sure what to do with, why not transform it into the dressing room you have always wanted. Here are some ways to transform that room.

Choose a Color

Before you decide on hanging shelves and moving in furniture, you are going to have to paint the room. Stick with lighter colors on the walls, that improves the lighting and enhances the space.

Choose Your Flooring

Flortechhardwood says that “Hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring represent the best choices for walk-in closets. That’s because you probably walk into these closets in your bare feet, and you want to be comfortable while having a durable floor at the same time.” You can add a beautiful throw rug in your space to help give the cozy feel.

Decide on Shelving & Racks

When it comes to shelving, splurge. Brian Patrick Flynn from HGTV says “Imagine walking into your closet and seeing all of your shoes, clothes and accessories laid out neatly before you. Everything has its place, making it easier to find what you need and put it away later. That is the beauty of a closet system, a pre-fabricated unit of shelves, clothing rods and drawers that you can easily install and use to organize your wardrobe.” Adding a closet system helps you stay organized and showcase your beautiful items.


Placing a single light fixture overhead in your closet may not illuminate every spot, therefore, consider multiple lights. Stay away from incandescent bulbs as they produce a lot of heat. Adding lighting under your shelving can help illuminate your closet. Consider day light bulbs to help with lighting if you have limited windows.

Add a Center Island

Utilize your space, islands are are great way to showcase your accessories. Consider DIYing your island. There are many ways to add additional space with an island.

Add a Mannequin

Mannequins make your dressing room feel glamorous. You can dress up your mannequin with jewelry, scarfs, hats and purses.