kids building snowman for snow day activities

During the winter months it can be hard to continue to find new ways to have fun at home. People tend to get cabin fever, which is why it’s important to keep creativity going with fun things to do including games, crafts, and outdoor activities. Whether you’re an adult with a snow day from work, or you’re trying to entertain your kids while they are home from school, it’s important to have ways to have fun at home. Try some of these snow day activities to keep your day filled with fun! 

Plan an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kids entertained at home, by sending them on an easy indoor scavenger hunt around the home. Set a reward that they will receive once they check off everything on the list to make things even more exciting. 

Make Snow Ice Cream

Did you know that you can make ice cream from the snow falling outside? Use this easy 4 ingredient recipe to make snow ice cream with the kids at home. 

Have an Indoor Snowball Fight

This indoor snowball fight game is a great purchase to keep at the house in case of a snow day. Kids can play a fun and safe indoor snowball fight without going outside in the cold. 

Build a Snowman

Build the best snowman ever with these helpful tips! Before going outside to build, make sure to bundle up to stay warm! 

Make a Snow Angel

Bundle up in your layers and learn how to make the perfect snow angels outside in the snow. 

Have an Outdoor Snowball Fight

Did you know that outdoor snowball fights can have rules to play by? Every game is different but here are some common snowball fight rules to abide by. 

Put Together a Puzzle

Puzzles can be a great way to keep children entertained at home. Break out the boxed puzzles at home, or use these online jigsaw puzzles to have them solve puzzles using technology. 

Make a Hot Cocoa Bar

Use these step by step instructions for setting up an easy hot cocoa bar to warm up with a toasty drink during this cold snow day. 

Snow Day Movie Marathon

When all else fails, throw a classic snow-day movie marathon. Here are 14 winter-themed kids movies for snowy days. 

Make Paper Snowflakes

If the snow outside isn’t enough for you, you turn the inside of your home into a winter wonderland with paper snowflakes