The weather is starting to get colder. With a high in the mid 30’s and low in the teens tomorrow, people are looking for ways to warm their home and to warm their souls.

Fireplaces are a favorite amenity that most home buyers are craving when buying a new home, especially in the northeast. Fireplaces not only add comfort, they add an extra touch of architectural vitality to the home. Heritage Customer Builders includes a fireplace in everyone of their quick delivery homes and in a majority of their custom home plans.

There are plenty of benefits to having a fireplace in your home, and here are four of them:

1. Warmth with Lower Energy Costs

Fireplaces provide much needed warmth without the need to turn on the heat. As electricity costs continue to climb, fireplaces are a popular heating source alternative. A fireplace will boost energy efficiency of your home and help keep the heating bills down in the fall and winter seasons.

2. Cozy Fires

Our fireplaces provide cozy warmth and a cheerful place to gather around. Whether you are playing a board game with the family, reading a good book or watching the snow flakes fall.

3. Beautiful Décor

A fireplace provides a fantastic decorative element in your living room. The dancing flames of a roaring fire, instantly creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

4. Use Your Fireplace All Year Long

No one wants to turn on the heat during those chilly summer nights as autumn approaches. Having an electric fireplace gives you the luxury to stay warm and toasty without touching the thermostat.

Interested in Buying a Home With This Popular Feature? Work With Us!

If you have a vision for your home and you’d like to see it come to fruition here in the greater Capital Region, turn to Heritage Custom Builders. The homes we custom build throughout Saratoga County feature fireplaces, and other popular features that homebuyers love.

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