In the minds of many, new construction communities are often synonymous with barren plots of land devoid of any character or defining personality.

House Farms – as they have rather appropriately been nicknamed – have largely become phased out. Builders have come to realize that acres of empty land stamped with the same three cookie-cutter homes just aren’t as appealing to buyers who are considerably more informed nowadays compared to decades prior.

Perhaps it’s the ambiance provided by a home surrounded by mature trees, maybe it’s the incomparable aesthetic beauty of watching the leaves change during every season. Whatever the explanation for this visceral feeling, it’s undeniable that these majestic elements of nature are an import aspect of making the outside of a home feel complete.

At Heritage Custom Builders, we understand the importance of including natural beauty into each of our communities. As stunning as our homes are, we also know that there’s certain elements only Mother Nature herself can provide.

Which is why we make it a point to leave as many natural elements as possible in our new communities. While building homes requires an ample amount of space in which to bring construction vehicles and lay out materials, it doesn’t always warrant a complete excavation of the local landscape.

In general we have two manners of preserving natural beauty when it comes to our communities. For our smaller lots designed for those seeking lower maintenance options, we offer landscaping packages that go above and beyond those offered by our competitors. There’s nothing worse than a brand new home being constructed from the ground up, then having a front yard comprised of a few tiny bushes and a half dead tree.

Quite the opposite, we only work with reputable nurseries trusted for providing us with more mature, larger foliage. You and our crews worked hard designing your brand new home, and we make sure your curb appeal is done right!

For our homes in communities with larger plot options, we do our best to leave much of the wilderness intact. A prime example is Timber Creek Phase 4, in which the vast majority of homes are backed by lush forest, featuring a variety of trees and other beautiful elements rich with local wildlife.


Whether you’re single, a couple or a large family, there’s a multitude of benefits from living closer to nature. Bird-watching, the sparkle of fireflies, the sounds of frogs and crickets, the singing of birds or even the sighting of brand new baby critters is a pure delight to all of our senses.

As far as we see it, the land itself is just as important as the home that will eventually reside upon it. So don’t compromise when it comes to the home you’ve always dreamed of. Why wait 15 years for your foliage to mature when you can enjoy all the beauty of lush flora from the moment you’re handed the keys to your new home?

With Heritage Custom Builders you can have all of that, and so much more! Our amazing group of realtors and employees are here to help make the home of your dreams a reality, so give us a call today!