Chances are, if you’ve been scouring the web for contractors and communities with which to build a new home you’ve probably come across the term “Quick Delivery” at least once.

Also known as a Spec Home, many buyers are unfamiliar with this type of new construction. So what exactly is a Spec Home? Simply put, a spec home is a type of new construction home built with set options selected by the builder rather than the customer.

Because buyers won’t be subjected to the lengthy process of hand picking every detail of their home, they’ll save themselves a considerable amount of both time and money by opting for a Spec Home.

In typical new construction scenarios, customers often spend weeks (if not months) painfully deliberating over the most minute detail of their home. From cabinets to countertops, hardware to lighting, paint to flooring, there are dozens of places to select options for.

As time consuming as the process typically is, it also creates a lot of opportunity for price increases as well. On average customers wind up spending 20 to 30% over the base cost of the home once they start selecting options.

Opting for a Spec Home alleviates this issue entirely; there are no hidden fees or potential upgrade costs buyers will have to worry about incurring.
However, this does not mean buyers will be sacrificing quality, whatsoever! Quite the opposite, in fact! Because purchasing in bulk is a more cost effective method of acquiring building materials, we’re able to include high quality products and upgrades at lower costs.

In fact, our selection process for determining what to include in our spec homes is derived by data that determines the products our customers selected most often AND were most satisfied with!

As if saving money and energy weren’t reason enough to consider a spec home, we have one more incredible benefit to add: time. The average duration of new construction from start to finish is on average, nine months. But if you select a Spec Home, you and your family can be enjoying your brand new abode in as short as four months! That’s less than HALF the average construction time!

With our large variety of Spec Home plans in our inventory, we have an assortment of beautiful homes designed for individuals and families of all sizes and needs.

So give us a call today with any further questions you may have regarding our spec homes, and let’s discuss making your dream of new construction a reality!